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Here, you will find all reminders and updates, important contact information, and the monthly newsletter, The Trustee.

Members are reminded that whenever a status change occurs, including, but not limited to, marriage, divorce, legal separation, births, adoption, disability,  and death, it is a legal requirement, to avoid fraud, that the member informs the Trust in a timely manner.

​     *Failure to timely report changes could result in fraud, especially if claims were collected that were not to be allowed or due*    

This is the 23rd year of the Trust in providing enhanced benefits to members. The Trust has always been proactive in anticipating changes in the health care industry and we look forward to continued success.

                                        ON-LINE EOB's:

The Trust will be launching an on-line Explanation of Benefits (EOB). Every Trust member, spouse, and dependent over 18 will receive a letter providing an activation code and detailing establishing a portal for all EOB's.

     PLEASE< if you have moved, inform the Trust of your new address or the letter will never reach you.

​     In the future, when an EOB is available, a notification email will be sent to the registered email on the account.

                              NOTICE: Retiree MEDICARE members 

     Copies of new Medicare ID Cards are due to the Trust Office, NOW!

If your new Medicare ID Card has not been registered by the Trust, any Medicare claims will be rejected by Medicare and will be returned to the Trust. To avoid any and all issues related to Medicare claims, please send a copy of your NEW MEDICARE ID CARD to:

  Kingston Trust Fund, Attn.: Kathy Hyatt,  PO Box 4461, Kingston, NY 12402 


        Take a picture of your card and email it to: Kathy@ktftrustfund.com .

                                    PLEASE DO IT NOW!

NEW PLAN AMENDMENTS--Effective July 1, 2019

​​​2019-5: The maximum annual benefit for medical marijuana shall be increased from $1,000 to $2,000.

2019-6: The surgery pre-authorization threshold shall be increased from $1,500 to $2,500.


If you have a student dependent who is residing out of the 75 mile radius of Kingston, please forward information regarding their Fall registration and college enrollment to the Trust Office by September 30 and by Jan. 30 for the Spring semester.


Canadian pharmacies are now required to have a photo ID on file prior to dispensing  prescriptions. CanaRx will be contacting all Trust members who have existing prescriptions with them to ensure there is no interruption with any orders.  To satisfy the requirement, a copy of your driver's license should suffice:

1. Use your cell phone to take a picture of your driver's license.

2. Email it to: ID@CanaRx.com. Note the group--Kingston Trust Fund.

If you don't have a smart phone, ask a friend to take the pix and to email it for you.

For Questions Regarding ProAct Rx Click Here

Out of Area forms for students are no longer needed, but a copy of the students college registration and schedule needs to be submitted to the Trust Office each semester.

Trust Fund  ID  Cards contain all of your benefits on one card.In presenting your card,Please State: "I have the Kingston Trust Plan administered through MagnaCare with the MagnaCare PPO Network and the existing KTF Network, formerly NHAI." Families received two (2) cards, each in the member's name. Individuals received one (1) card. Customized cards for spouse and dependents have been printed and mailed.  Show your new cards to your provider, lab, dentist, and pharmacy.  Some providers are not set up to accept MagnaCare and if they think that's the only PPO Network you have, the computer will reject it.  Further, if they don't accept MagnaCare, but were an existing provider in the NHAI Network or want to join the KTF Network, please have them contact the Trust at: 844-KTF-FUND.  *DO NOT CALL MagnaCare or NHAI.*

PPO Providers: You have access to the KTF Network (formerly NHAI) and the additional MagnaCare Network. and FirstHealth when outside of the 75 mile radius of Kingston or when MagnaCare or a KTF Network provider is not available.

  • To set up Rx Mail Order, go to: ProActRx.com. Fill out a Patient Profile and Register. If you need forms, call the Trust Office (845-338-5422) or download under "Forms" on this site.  Then, either submit or have your provider submit the new prescriptions to ProAct.
  • CanaRx provides Brand Name maintenance drugs with no co-pay.  If your drug is available on CanaRx, you must use CanaRx or a penalty of a double copay for regular Rx and $200 for Specialty drugs will be assessed.
  • A complete list of CanaRx drugs is available at: KTFMeds.com or by calling the Trust Office (845-338-5422). 
  • Enrollment is CanaRx is necessary and can be done at any time as the need arises at KTFMeds.com